Saturday, February 25, 2006


This sport is so cool and funny. I remember when I first saw it many years ago, Americans were laughing and now we’ve won an Olympic medal.
This is the ice sport that is a cross between lets see, bowling, shuffle board and pool.

OK, one person takes this round heavy thing with a handle called a stone and carefully shoves it toward the bulls eye hoping to knock away any of the opponents stones in the way. The stone won’t travel far or fast or go exactly where you want it to go unless two other team members make the ice slick by literally, frantically sweeping the path in front of it. This looks funny but it works. Curling is tediously slow and is all strategic precision. In other words, it is boring as hell. And yet, I watched about a half hour of the gold medal game between Sweden and Switzerland. I don’t know who won that match but during the match for the bronze between Great Britain and USA, I guess the boredom made someone snap because a streaker ran out onto the ice with a rubber chicken and did a dance. No kidding.

I hadn’t seen curling since they stopped using the straw brooms. Now curlers use something more like a swifer. They have gotten so modern.

This sport may look goofy as heck but it’s in the Olympics and it makes you want to get naked and dance with a chicken.

So congrats to the USA for their bronze medal in curling. Yayyy!


Marijack said...

Hahahaha! Jackie you really made me laugh on this one. Oy! Some very
funny remarks. And I'm glad I started out laughing cause watching this sport would make me brain-dead in moments. Thank you for the in-depth explanation.Wow! Your smarts have grown in my estimation. OMG! Those comments about the streaker doing a dance on ice with a rubber chicken!!! And your comment about them formerly using a straw broom but changing to a swifer stating "They have gotten so modern", sent me temporarily out- of-this-world.
Jackie, my friend, you're on to something big here.You get to the core of whatever you're talking about. (And inject it with humor where sorely needed.) Keep it coming.

Jackie said...

Hey girl, you are already out of this world. Thanks Maria.