Thursday, June 09, 2011

Flash Mobs Attack

This really makes me mad! Flash Mobs are creative and fun experiences for the participants and the surprised onlookers. Now a bunch of thugs in Chicago and other cities are using twitter and text technology to flash meet to rob a store or beat up and rob individuals.

10-15 or even 20 thugs beating up one person? This is most distubing because the purpose of these attacks on one or two people is lost on me. They get one cell phone or two ipods, maybe a wallet. What good is that for 15 people? Many attacks are just malicious, throwing people in the water at the beach, knocking them off their bikes or just kicking and beating them and then running away.

I realize these are hard financial times. I know there are a lot of unemployed, under-educated, disenfranchised, angry young men in our society. But, whether they are expressing their collective anger or angst or whatever by attacking people en masse, or just thugs who like to hurt people, I put them in the same category as those who drive by shoot or prey on the young and the elderly. They are cowards.

These young men were attacked by Flash Thugs in Chicago on Tuesday.


Deborah E. Lake said...

Some people simply will join (or create) the herd of haters to target someone to beat, harass, rob, spread lies about, ostracize...

The only way to stop the herd of haters is by shining a light on their actions, refusing to follow haters, and adding your voice to those who speak against it. Thanks for your post.

Jackie said...

Thanks for your voice.