Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Donald Knows....what?

Donald Trump is a great disappointment and more. I actually thought he was a smart, fair, and honorable (as honorable as possible in his financial wizard world) funny, creative type guy. I don't know that I admired him but I thought he was kind of cool. His Apprentice shows are full of personality bumping fun, and strategically intriguing challenges. Celebrity Apprentice is one of the very few reality shows I could stand.

But, Mr. Trump has shown himself to be a stupid arrogant racist who would sell his country for some ratings. He is supposedly considering a run for president. He is starting off his pre-campaign by whipping the birther thing into a frenzy. Yes, he is appealing to the folks who just cannot believe Barack Obama is an American because he is too smart and he got voted into the White House by a damn landslide. There are Americans who have belief systems that just can't accept that. I mean, there are Americans who can entirely accept a brilliant black man without any prejudice as long as he comes from somewhere else and has an accent. There has to be something wrong or different about Barack Obama. He can't be just a black guy from Chicago. Trump does not feel this way, he's just using the people who do. Yep, using and feeding them while on his campaign to plant doubt, feed distrust, discredit and devalue this president, by insistantly hinting, gently accusing him of purposely perpetrating this fraud on the United States government and all of it's people.

Now, Mr. Trump declares he has some information about the president's birth but he is not gonna tell us yet. "Just wait and see what happens." Maybe until the finale of Celeb Apprentice? Hmmmm Does he have proof that will end this birther stuff cold? But first, we must watch to see if Star beats LaToya.

Trump wants to be president and this is how he demonstrates his political savvy? Does he not realize the president is constantly making decisions that effect our lives, our nation, and the world? He may have info that would show this man to be a poser and he sits on it? Goes on TV and brags about it, teases about it. Does he think this is some kind of reality show game?


Chris said...

He's just horrendous....nothing likable about this guy! I have no idea what he's trying to do. As I've said before, out of 300 million people, why can't they come up with someone with a brain!?
And I love your new photo by the way.....:)

Monica Roberts said...

Trump never was and never will be presidential material...

That's why he ran as a Republican