Monday, September 21, 2009

Archie's Choice

Hey Boomers, remember Archie? Did you know that Archie Andrews got Married. My friend Monica Roberts the TransGriot is a true griot who never lets anything historical pass by us, reports that Archie finally popped the question and did the deed. Perhaps Beyonce's hit Single Ladies put the right pressure on him. (I'm sure guys will be ECSTATIC when that song fades down the chart.)

Since 1941, Archie comic books have been telling the adventures of teenage angst at Riverdale High. It was sort of the Saved by the Bell of it's time.
Archie is the cute, nice, freckle faced, redhaired teen caught in a love triangle that lasted 69 years. Damn!

The rivalry for Archie's affection was famously between Veronica (Ronnie)Lodge the rich, spoiled, manipulative, raven haired beauty, and Betty Cooper, the beautiful, down to earth, girl-next-door.

Which one did he finally choose?


Reggie comforts Betty. The rich and devious Reggie liked Ronnie too.

So, Archie grew up and married Ronnie.

Betty was in the wedding. How 'bout that. Did he pick the right girl?

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Monica Roberts said...

Archie and Betty had a talk just before he said 'I do!' to Veronica,

He sees Betty as the sister he never had.

But we're only two issues into the six issue series. At the end of Issue 601 they skip ahead a year into Veronica and Archie's marriage.

Veronica drops the news on him that she's pregnant.