Saturday, August 22, 2009

Johnny Carter, Oh What A Night!

R&B singer John E. (Johnny) Carter, famous for his soulful voice and work with supergroups the Dells and the Flamingos, passed away in his hometown of Harvey, IL, Thursday evening after a long battle with lung cancer ending his lifelong career in the music industry. He's survived by his five daughters and several grandchildren.

Carter's death was announced by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which twice inducted Carter for his work with the two groups and for hits like "Oh What a Night," the 1954Dells hit that featured Carter on falsetto lead.

Carter was also the last surviving member of the Flamingos, which he left in 1960 to form the Dells with four other friends from his high-school days at Thornton Township High in Harvey.

Remember how short cuts were back in the day?
Johnny Carter was also famous for the Dells blockbuster "Stay in My Corner," one of the first R&B tracks that lasted longer than six minutes.

Talkin' about bringing back good memories especially for you Boomers and for you music lovers, check this out. There's nothing like
the Mighty Mighty DELLS!


Monica said...

"Oh What a Night" is one of my favorite dusties!Do Wops always bring back wondeful memories.
Thanks for finding and playing it this morning, Boo!

Chris said...

Memories!!! Probably did some good making out to that song!! Sorry he's gone......

MISS CATHY said...

Johnny Carter was the Best Lead Tenor of all times and he was in the #1 DooWop/R&B Group, the MIGHTY DELLS. His Legacy will live forever. The DELLS keep immense, beautiful memories alive and always will.....

Carol said...

You made my day thanks for playing it in the morning!!! i felt so glad!!
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