Friday, July 17, 2009

Meghan McCain Power

When Meghan McCain speaks her mind, she does not sound like a Republican. But she insists on being a Republican to broaden the party and attract young people by stepping away from old fogie exclusiveness and religious right narrow mindedness. She really believes that is possible.
Meghan believes being for issues like gay marriage do not have to be contrary to being in the GOP. She encourages other members of her party who already feel that way to have the courage to come out.

In a speech to the Log Cabin Republicans, she said that “old-school Republicans” were “scared shitless” of the future and retreating further and further into an ultraconservative crouch.

Although her father Sen. John McCain is anti-same sex marriage, she says he is not homophobic. She says she's had some great conversations with her dad and is "working on him".
(For the record, Meghan isn’t the only member of the McCain clan to support gay marriage. “My mom was always for gay marriage, but I think me being so vocal about it has made her want to be more vocal about it,” she says. “She texted me: ‘Gay marriage passed in Maine!!’ ”)

Meghan wants to show that not all Repubs are like former GOP pinup boy, Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, who gave an interview to Christianity Today in which he complained about “queers” and declared, “I wouldn’t have them anywhere near my children.” To this Meghan answered “Joe the Plumber -- you can quote me -- is a dumbass. He should stick to plumbing.”

Meghan has taken on right wingers Karl Rove (yuck!), Ann Coulter (yuck! yuck!) and even Rush Limbaugh (triple yuck!) She says, “I'd be flattered to be considered the anti–Ann Coulter, the anti–Rush Limbaugh.”
I know that's right.

Miss McCain says “Homophobia is the last socially accepted prejudice,” and views the fight for gay equality as “my generation’s civil rights movement.”

“If two people fall in love, they should have the option to get married just like I can.”

Meghan became a Republican as a birthday present to her father and is determined to bring more open minded seats to the GOP table. She has certainly pulled up her chair. Meghan is 24 years old, and so far she has given the old school conservatives the flux. What if her party members start speaking their minds, pushing envelopes and coloring outside party lines? OMG!
Good Luck Meghan!


Chris said...

I have actually liked some of the interviews that I have seen her do....God help her if she can bring the GOP out of whatever path they are now on! We need two parties that have interesting, intelligent differences and dialogue....not the crazy stuff going on lately. Thank God she has a good take on Coulter, et al.........

Jackie said...

I was thinking she is a Reupblican only because of her dad and she may be. But she seems to really want exactly what you said and has taken that on. The GOP should be glad to have someone speaking other than Coulter types.

Anonymous said...

As Meghan McCain would say..."Oh My Fucking God!!!" she's such a ditz. She's truly her language, in her bratty attitude, and in her intellectual laziness.

Jackie said...

I think she is cool.

Monica Roberts said...

Well, good luck in getting those rockheads to see the light.

Their party mascot should be the woolly mammoth, not an elephant because if they don't join us in the 21st century, they'll be extinct like the Whigs