Sunday, July 05, 2009

Final Stage For MJ

Michael Jackson's funeral will be Tuesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The magnitude of his celebrity does warrent, a public memorial service. But, I can't understand how his family could not have a private service also. How do you mourn and say goodbye to your son, brother, father in a basketball stadium full of strangers. I guess this shouldn't surprise anyone. This man has been on stage all his life. It's where he said he feels loved. I find that sad.
I'm sure it will be a celebration of Michael's life as a musician. But, what about his life as a human being. A troubled man who seemed to have problems with the basics of life, eating and sleeping and even looking in the mirror. Perhaps the Jackson's will say private goodbyes before the huge show on Tuesday. I hope so.


jjbrock said...

Jackie I am with you,what about Michael Jackson the little boy from Gary, Indiana?

Chris said...

Never really happened...he didn't get to do it! The "goodbye" is befitting the celebrity, which he was raised for.......the family is sadly a whack job, and unfortunately he was a scared and troubled man. Every time I look at that beautiful little face of his childhood, it makes me smile...and then I want to cry!

Jackie said...

Yes Ann and Chris, looking at that little face from Gary, Indiana makes me smile and then feel sad.
This mornings news says the family will have something private at Forest Lawn cemetary before going to the stadium. That's good.
At Staples I hope that the man is remembered as well as the artist.