Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mighty Michelle

That's what the Londoners are calling our First Lady. And, her husband is pretty mighty too. What is it about this president and his wife that has touched Europeans so positively? What stirred Queen Elizabeth II to, in an extremely rare gesture in a formal setting, reach out and warmly touch Michelle? I think in part, it's that they exude the American spirit but without the condescending attitude of the last eight years. I believe people around the world are estactic to see America end that era.
I could not capture the Obamas' impact in Europe better than Steve Schalchlin does in his post.
I'm proud that these two Americans are representing us.

Michelle with Sarah Brown, wife of British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

London school girls love Michelle.

The Obama's meet the Queen and Prince Phillip. Our guys are so tall.

The touch that caused such a stir.
No-one - including the ladies-in-waiting standing nearby - could believe their eyes. In 57 years, the Queen has never been seen to make that kind of gesture and it is certainly against all protocol to touch her.
But she didn't seem to mind a bit and was smiling and joking throughout.

Official Word: A Buckingham Palace spokesman said he could not remember the last time the queen had displayed such public affection with a first lady or dignitary.

"It was a mutual and spontaneous display of affection," he said. "We don't issue instructions on not touching the queen."

So chill everybody. Buckingham Palace says Michelle's response was "just fine."


jjbrock said...

Jackie I am very proud of our First Family that words can't express how much... They repersented all of American in grand style.

The Queen has never done any thing like that before therefore it says alot about our First Lady Michelle.

Stephen Rader said...

"I'm proud that these two Americans are representing us."

I couldn't agree more!

Kelli Anne Busey said...

We are so lucky that the Queen is such a lovely Lady! I'm more confident of my muscular transgender arms now our first lady has shown strong is fine! God Bless The Queen!

Jackie said...

Kelli, Can you believe people had a problem with strong toned arms on the first lady? Ridiculous. Strong is fine. Let's all get busy pumping some iron.

Becky said...

How wonderful it is that our First Family is so well regarded in other parts of the world!

Chris said...

Glad you saw Steve's post...couldn't have said it better! said...

Hi there!

Michelle did a wonderful job in England!

Peace, blessings and godliness,

Chris said...

I have people going on over to Steve's post as well.....

Monica Roberts said...

The wingers are just pissed that the Queen loves our current First lady enough to breach royal protocol and NEVER did with 'theirs'