Friday, April 10, 2009

Low prices and a nice wig

Monica noticed that in an American Cancer Society commercial, the lady who commends the AMC for "giving me a wig I'm not embarrassed to wear" is the same lady in an Aldi's ad being very happy about low prices. While it is entirely possible that this lady in the nice wig could also be happy in Aldi's, it does take away from the sincerity of the AMC spot. Well, she's an actor playing on our emotions because that's what actors do. But it's just something to keep in mind especially when watching public service announcements where people are presented as real citizens.

For her first video Friday feature today, Alex has a finished PSA presented by an anti-same sex marriage group. The text of the ad is the usual stuff but Alex calls into question the actors intentions and integrity. And, if you doubt these are actors, check out their audition tapes. If you were an actor and didn't believe in this ad, would you do it for the money?

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