Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RuPaul's Drag Race Winner

Congrats! to Bebe Zahara Benet for winning RuPaul's Drag Race. She is the new Drag Queen Superstar!
Bebe is from Cameroon and she represented her West African culture well during the contest. The man behind Bebe is talented, sweet,and caring. Bebe is beautiful, classy, sassy, poised, and strong, and has the dignity it takes to take the torch passed from RuPaul.

If you watched this contest you may have learned a lot about Drag Queens. Drag is a culture of it's own. These people are master entertainers. It requires having the skill of an artist, sculpture, fashion model, fashion designer, actor, make-up artist, dancer, and magician. I say magician because Drag is an illusion. An illusion of a woman. It takes great skill to pull this off. Being a woman is a lot more that T and A. RuPaul's contest allowed us an inside peek at the process of making the illusion we see on stage.

Drag artists are often but not always gay, sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Drag queens do not want to be women and do not live as women. I am certainly no authority on Drag rules, but my understanding is, Transgendered illusionist must be pre-op. Drag performers are invited to chime in, please.

I've always had a lot of respect for these performer's skills but never realized the time and expense it takes. It's very costly when you consider the makeup, wigs, shoes and wardrobe. Mucho $$$$$$$

In addition to the amazing transformations each week, Drag Race had some creative competitive Survivor like challenges for the contestants that really separated the boys from the queens.

It was also interesting getting to know these men and their backgrounds and how they came to be Drag Queens. Interesting too was how each viewed their drag persona.

From hundreds of applications RuPaul picked nine contestants.
There was a panel of two regulars and one guest celebrity and Rupaul who sat as judges each week. But, Ru made the final decision on who would "shantay you stay" or "sashay, away".

Monica and I loved Drag Race and so did my sister. Moni's favorite part each week, was when Ru tells the bottom two queens, "this is your last chance to impress me" and commands they "lip synch for your life".

In the end it was Bebe and Nina Flowers who had to "Lip Synch for Your Life" to RuPaul's new single "Covergirl (Put the Bass in Your Walk)," Both finalist are in Ru's video.

This show was not only entertaining but featured unique people compared to other generic reality type shows. The personalities were real with cattiness, flashes of jealousy, real bonding, drama, emotion, angst, compassion and lots of laughing and fun. I can't wait until next season when Ru says,
"Gentlemen start your engines, and may the best woman win!"

Nea Marshall Kudi aka Bebe Zahara Benet, the lady from Cameroon.
Bebe said she loves the creative outlet allowed in drag artistry.

Drag Race finalist Jorge before his transformation into Nina Flowers. He considers Nina a piece of art.

Jorge says his Nina Flowers is a wild crazy woman.

Third runner-up Javier aka Rebecca was the youngest contestant. A gorgeous man and gorgeous woman, Rebecca did NOT win Miss Congeniality.

A contestant, fan and judge favorite was the diminutive Ryan aka Ongina. She was witty and creative and had a fierce runway walk.

Forth runner-up Brian aka Shannel is serious and versitile entertainer that felt the judges did not understand her or give her the credit due. I liked Shannel.

Contestant Akashia, took a runway fall but played it off with style and a swirl.


Chris said...

This looks fun! San Francisco has some good shows with very talented guys in drag if you are ever out our way!

Jackie said...

It is absolutely a fun show to watch. I'll bet the the shows out your way are fierce!

Anonymous said...

favorite show EVER!! never thought i'd love a reality show this much, but i LOVE me a drag queen! raaaawr!

they're casting season 2 right now! one of my friends is applying... SO EXCITING!


Anonymous said...

I loved the show and thought it was one of the best reality shows on tv. I am a straight girl who admires the talent that it takes to put on such creative shows. I loved Bee and am happy for her. I thought the 2 finalist should have been Bebe and Nina Flowers. I believed that Nina should have won. She was never in the bottom 2 and even the judges said she was the top contender. She was so gracious when Bebe won. It was a genuine love that she showed when Bebe won. Nina has a very good heart. We love both Nina and Bebe. I also feel that Shannell should have been in the final 3 not Rebecca. Shannell's talent far surpassed Rebecca Glasscock. Rebecca was not a caring queen like the others. I think that she should have been let go after she refused to do the extra filming for Viva Glam. That is not howt a professional behaves. All in all I loved the show and watch the reruns every Monday. I can't wait till the next season. The new queens have big shoes to fill. No pun intended. A great fan of the show

Anonymous said...

ive met shenell and been to one of her shows it was THE GREATEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! omg and i also got her autograph, i got to sit right next to the stage and I got a rose from one of her acts she was amazing and very kind to :) She gathered up all the people on her stage who had birthdays and I was one of them :) She asked me with her awesome microphone of glitterness " "what is your name" I said Riley then she asked "how old are you turning" 15 I said "your very young so what bring you to this homo sexual estblishment" (excuse seplling I said simply " I'm gay" the crowd roared with excitement, claps, a lil laughter" then she had the whole crowd give me another round of applause for coming out so young and yet so proud. Her show was the best I have ever seen regardless of whether she won on drag race" then later on she had a rose delivered by this guy who thought i was cute by the way hehe and it was one from an act she did on the I was amazed but sadly the guy was over 21... a lil old don't you think but oh well I had fun it was wild crazy night and the best night ive ever had out! WOOOT GO SHEnell ur my winner :) im also very short and she made people laugh and me laugh about my own height no ones ever done that. And i respect her for that :) Because now ive gotten wayyy over being short theirs other problems to deal with. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My God...
I Live In New Zealand And Watch This Programme Every Week & I Absolutely Loved Miss Nina Flowers !
Absolutely gutted That Bebe Won..
I Am A Straight Girl..Who Found Nina Flowers Too Look More Like A Woman Than Bebe

Anonymous said...

shannelis ho fucking hot and should have won, gorgous sexy face, and great ass <3

Trude said...

I am not gay, and am female in every sense of the word, but LOVE men in drag!!! I LOVED this show and didnt miss an episode... I love Rupaul xo.. Nina and Ongina were my favs in the show, but Shennel had the most killer blue eyes.. Keep it going!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Well im curerntly watching the new season and my favs are Tyra and Raven. I think Tatiana is the prettiest naturally. But none of them have as much style as Tyra or Raven. I love watching them. And Yes Tyra i do see them stealing your ideas sometimes you not crazy gurrl!! :)

Selketre said...

Ru We Love You and Your Show!! My Husband and I NEVER miss it!! We even watch the reruns.Such talent, and the costumes, and effort put into the routines,WOW!! We hope your show runs forever-Much Success!!