Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A National Treasure

My friend Alexandra has a post up about Jennifer Hudson singing the national Anthem at the Superbowl last Sunday. As Alex said, if you haven't heard it, take a minute to do so. Alex puts into words what's happening as Jennifer sings far better than I ever could.

The national anthem always gives me a rush. But, for me Jennifer Hudson reached deep down and made it go far past patriotism. She made it personal. She sang it like I feel it.

Sunday as Jennifer stood center field, I was thinking of what's happened in America and what's happened to this young woman this year. Millions of people were thinking of those things, too. Jennifer stopped the Superbowl frenzy for a couple minutes and made us put down the beer and chips, to listen and feel.


jjbrock said...

Jackie I watch her performance Sunday and watch the clip, her performance didn't do it for me.

Please,don't get me wrong she did a great performance but, I don't think her performance can touch Whitney Houston.

Jackie are you showing favoritism? (Jennifer Hudson hometown girl.)

Jackie said...

Favoritism? Me. No way. lol

I love Whitney's version too. But Jennifer's touched me more. It had an emotional lift that I just felt.

Chris said...

OH no! I missed it, and the video was no longer available to view...even so, I'm sure you were right Jackie, as we are usually on the same page...I'm sure the emotion and passion came through like no other person could can do that.....

Jackie said...

The NFL pulled that one?
If you go over to YouTube and type in Jennifer hudson star spangled, there is a video still going on.

Yeah Chris, great minds... : )