Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Governor, Busted!

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was hauled away to the pokey before dawn yesterday morning. Yep, the gov handcuffed and arrested. How 'bout that?
Surprised? Not me. He is innocent until... you know, but I've long felt this day would come. This public official has been pushing it for a while and now he's gone one brazen step too far and had to be stopped.
Among a multitude of other corrupt actions, he was trying to SELL the president-elect's vacant Illinois Senate seat for all he could get. Or in his own words, "pay to play".

Blagojevich was served a 79 page complaint and will face a grand jury for possible indictments in the coming weeks.
Click here for the story of his crime spree. Here's the official complaint. It's a very interesting read to be sure. Be prepared for some filthy language including the governor calling Obama a MF.

This guy is all arrogance and no brains. He knew he was under scrutiny and yet he (and his wife) both put themselves in this fix by using the phone to squeeze, solicit and bribe for $$ every chance they got. How do you spell stupid or arrogant? Try BLAGOJEVICH. Four of the last eight Illinois governors have served time in the clink. We in the land of Lincoln don't mind treating our governors to public hospitality. So what was this man thinking trying to sell a U.S. Senate seat, bribe and harass the Chicago Tribune, threaten to withhold money for Children's Memorial Hospital to make a personal profit. What a jerk! This is different from political wrangling and favor trading. Blago is caught trying to personally profit from his public office.

Wire tapped conversations finally did him in. A "friend" who wore a wire did a lot of damage to Hot Rod Blago. It will be interesting to see this played out. There will be others going down with Blago.
The state of Illinois at the time of great pride, now takes an embarrassing hit. Stay tuned.


Chris said...

Sorry about that! Since I don't know this guy, this was news to me...but everything I've seen since, he seems a little sleezy! What's with the hair? He needs an Obama cut!!!!!!!

Jackie said...

A little sleezy? Girl, he turned out to be a really bad guy. The scope of his yuckyness is just coming out.
Oh yeah, the hair. He thinks he's Elvis, too. We can't wait til he's left the building.

Darius T. Williams said...

He's a damn dummy...that's it.

Chris said...

And really into himself as well! Can't stand people like that! He's loving the attention as well...hope he gets an adoring cell mate..........

Jackie said...

He seems delusional, doesn''t he? Did he really think he'd be up for a cabinet post or anyone would want him for prez.
And yeah, he's real cute and he'll be really popular on the cell block.
I hate abuse of power. He wasted his chance to be anything but an embarassment and a crooked jerk.

jjbrock said...

Jackie this is my first time seeing the Governor and he look as if he could fit the Sopranos.

Jackie said...

Ann, girllll Blago is the type. But, he is so greedy he wouldn't be trusted and wouldn't last long. They'd take him on a long one way ride. It's a shame.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Well, at least Barack should come out of this unscathed.