Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chicago's climate has gone Wacko!

OMG! Folks what the heck is going on now? Ok, in Chicago we have had some really early winter stuff happening. It's winter in Chitown and so no big deal, right. Meterologist love Chicago because we have real weather here. But this is ridiculous.
We had a huge snow storm followed closely by a huge ICE storm followed by mo snow and Friday got a massive ice blanket covering everything. EVERTHING! We held on to the trees and bushes and each other and anything we could grasp to stay upright.

Cars were stuck in parking spaces and spinning out all over town yesterday morning.

Then during the day the temps started going up. Water from the melting snow made the ice underneath more treacherous.
People had to walk in the streets, so cars and peeps spent the day dodging each other.

Also the melting ice and snow and the sudden warm air combo created an unbelievable fog. Zero visibility. We expected to see wolfman emerge from around some bush.

Walking back from our friends house last night holding on to each other in the ice and fog, we looked like a couple of 80 year olds. I told Monica we were rehearsing for our old age. She said, "rehearsing? This is act one, honey."

Now today, (Saturday morning) it will be near 60 degrees. I just looked outside and the snow and ice are GONE! It's gone. I see grass. And it's raining. Thunderstorms, right now. And, so now the flooding begins. And don't even think of leaving here because all modes of transportaion here are in a constant state of "delayed" and "cancelled".

On Christmas morning it was 8 degrees and now it's springtime. What is going on?

So if you are coming to Chicago, bring your heavy winter gear and boots, an umbrella, a spring jacket, fog glasses, and a raft, and carry them all at the same time.


Anonymous said...

home sick. I've been in Saudi for 7 years and I can not imagine living with snow again. hey...I survived the blizzard of 79!

Dustin said...

That is some crazy weather! Hey, I think you forgot one thing on your list, a silver bullet for the wolf. At least I think that is what is used to keep them away.

Anyway, it sounds like it is just best to stay inside with a nice cup of hot chocolate and avoid all the crazy weather outside.

Jackie said...

Ummadam, you survived the 1979 blizzard? Me too! Now you are in the desert. Big difference for sure. Glad you stopped by.

Dustin you're right we need some silver bullets or the silver handled walking stick to keep Wolfman away.
Today it's forecasted to be 62. So I'll probably venture out but tomorrow it's only gonna be 32. So all that melted stuff will freeze again. Such a mess. Hot chocolate, absolutely!

Chris said...

I have Calas blooming...they usually don't bloom until early spring...then we had snow on our hills the next week...Welcome to global warming!!!!!!

Kofi Bofah said...

Stay off the roads.

But it has been 50+ degrees the past couple of days.

2 of your pics do not look like they are from the Chicago area though.

That one pic where the car is coming in the opposite direction - I don't know where that is.

Anyway - this is just another winter in Chi-City.

Jackie said...

here's the breakdown for the pics.
1. 4200 block Indianapolis Blvd. in East Chicago IN
2. Next to el train track, Harlem stop, Oak Park
3. Ravenswood line, Irving Park rd
4. Irving Park el stop
5. Ramp on I-80 Orland Park
6. Illinois at Columbus downtown
7. East bound ramp I-80 at La Grange
8. Northbound I 294 by I 57 Crestwood
9. Harlem Ave, Oak Park
10. Country Club Hills
You are quite right about Wolfman. It was probably not in Chicago. At least I hope not. : )

Anonymous said...

It's 72 here.

I'm just saying.



Jackie said...

Alex, you are bad.

Stephen Rader said...

I was in TN for most of the craziness, but it was odd to leave the city when it was -2 degrees and return to it at almost 50 degrees.

When, oh when, am I moving to Miami? :)

Jackie said...

Stephen, there's too much hurricane drama in Miami. I'm thinking Atlanta. Let's go!

Chris said...

Sorry've been tagged by me...check it out!

Monica Roberts said...

Feeling your's been colder than normal in Louisville.