Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not This Time, America

I am indebted to Barack Obama for his candidacy and Reverend Jeremiah Wright for his comments that brought about possibly, hopefully, at long last, putting the race thing on the table. Presidential candidates have never ever realistically addressed America's most prevalent problem. Yes, they have addressed rights and entitlements, and water fountains and voting, jobs and quotas, but never the real deep-seated effects of racism on whites and blacks and what it does to our nation. Never about what it takes to actually begin healing the wounds inflicted by duplicitous slave owning and condoning founding fathers. I am a big fan of the writings and genius of the founding fathers. But, their hypocritical legacy on race has crept into every pore of America.
Our challenge is to take our fingers out of our ears and face the truth. That's the first step and the hardest. It means looking at our own attitudes and seeing someones else's. A challenge that any candidate could have put to us, but none ever did.
This challenge is a big part of Obama's vision for America. He has faith in Americans enough to lay it out there.

Do we want to be better or keep up the sham of an equal society, the status quo?
So yes, we can ignore it and stay in our corners or step up and say "not this time."

When Americans speak of freedom, it should be respected and real.


Monica Roberts said...

An honest dialogue on race starts with all sides patiently listening to what the other has to say,

Jackie said...

Honesty, I agree. And allowing for each others emotional outbursts and hurtful feelings that may come from their own frustrations. Americans have trouble with this. They are always ready to judge and chuck a person's entire life based on a snippet. Omg! I shudder when thinking of some of my own emotional rants. Many of which I came to regret later. Can we give each other a tiny break?

Anonymous said...

Jackie, dear friend,

In reading your very fine essay "Not This Time, America"
I was moved to realize that you, yourself, are a true "statesman" (woman). No one could have said it better or brought it about with the same delicate balance. Reading the article helped me feel renewed, refreshed. They should have an area on the net called "America Speaks." And, you Jackie, should ideally be the Front Line Speaker. I was deeply moved as your words revealed the simple honesty and openess of your character. I feel it a loss...that all America will not see those very decent words.

As ever, your friend and supporter....


Jackie said...

You are too generous maria. Thanks