Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Barack Spells It Out

I knew Hillary Clinton couldn't be counted out of this race. She is savvy and a fighter.
I hate that Rush Limbaugh is patting himself on the back for her success. Yucky Rush "endorsed" Hillary and encouraged conservatives to go in there and close their eyes and vote for Clinton. He wants Hillary to "bloody up Obama" because McCain will not do a good enough job of it. He wants Hillary to stay in as long as possible to do damage to Barack and the Democrats. Rush and the conservatives are deathly afraid of Barack Obama. They yearn for Hillary Clinton vs McCain. Failing that, they want her to help them hurt him.

Democrats must win in November. These two Democratic candidates may soon have to sit down with Howard Dean (DNC) and make a hard decision for the party, for America. Failing that, we may lose the Whitehouse.

Last night in San Antonio, Texas, Barack Obama spelled out the "change" he seeks. His vision for America is quite different from John McCain's or Hillary Clinton's. I am not opposed to Hillary, she can get things done and would be a good president. But she will not change America or challenge Americans.

CHANGE, According to me.
Democracy is supposed to be a challenge. It means turning off the ipods and reality shows and doing some thinking. It takes work and participation from us.

When Barack Obama speaks of change, he means in the way things are accomplished in Washington, end to gridlock, etc etc. This he speaks on all the time. But there are other changes he is acutely aware of. He finally spelled these out last night. These are the changes I want for my country. It's a change that most black Americans know and want simply by instinct and history; that young idealistic Americans crave for and understand; that many Americans hope to see in their country before they die; and the diversity and humanity that much of the world community hopes to see in America.
I want a president that is not an old white man or has an old white man's world view. A president who will take a different diplomatic approach and who knows the way to peace is more through aiding and feeding than bullying and bombing. A president that looks at the world differently, through the eyes of a black child born to a white mother in Hawaii, raised and schooled in Indonesia in a multi-cultural home. Who visited his father's little shack in a village in Kenya and read his letters. I cannot see that man turning blind eyes and deaf ears to hundreds of thousands of Rwandans being massacred, as the Clintons did. A total devaluation of black lives.

Dave Chappelle on Actors Studio told a joke that made me cry.
"Do you know why terrorist don't like to take black hostages? Hello White House, we have 5 black... hello.... hello."
Obama will finally bring value to Black life in this country. (Dare I say Katrina.) Value to black lives in the world. It's time.

It's time for a president who is honest about who we are no matter how scary.
It's time for a president willing to take the harder path to making us all better.
I want to finally begin bringing America to it's promise.
I don't believe he is or I am a deluded dreamer to want that.


Stephen Rader said...

Oy... Rush Limbaugh taking credit for Hilary winning Texas and Ohio is PROOF that he's snorting Oxycontin again, isn't it?!?!

Jackie said...

Awww Steven, that pinhead never stopped snorting. He thinks he has great power, and is chomping at his bit to beat up on Hillary and Bill. That wimp should only wish he had her balls.

Darius T. Williams said...

Yes! He does spell it out and I love the man for that.