Sunday, June 10, 2007

For you Monica

Monica Roberts missed the Belmont Stakes but this battle of the sexes is too cool to miss and almost as exciting as the Billie Jean King - Bobby Riggs battle. So here it is. The announcer is a hoot too. Check out Imawildandcrazyguy.


Dustin said...

What a fabulous race. That announcer got my adrenaline going!

Monica Roberts said...

You brought back some memories when you mentioned the 1973 Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs tennis match.

I was in fifth grade when it happened and since it was being played at the Astrodome it was blacked out in the Houston area. We did did ticker tape updates of the match as it was being played.

Jackie said...

Monica, that King/Riggs match was dramatic too. The thing I remember was Riggs being so smug and started the match in his warm-up jacket. King ran him around and that jacket came off quick! She was really focussed and Riggs lost all his bravado. He was a good sport though. Good day for women's sports and for women, period.

Monica Roberts said...

I remember all the guys talking trash in the runup to the match.

All except me.

I questioned the male chauvanistic logic of how a 55 year old man was gonna beat twentysomething woman pro. Took a lot of ribbing for it until she won.

No one ever doubted my sports opinions after that ;)

The Belmont was cool.