Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bush is just plain stupid.

I received an important heads up from my friend Gordon about the man President Bush wants to be the next U.S. Surgeon General? His name is Dr. James Holsinger. Google him, please.

Holsinger's record seems to demonstrate that he is uninterested in the best scientific information available; instead for example, he allows his anti-gay bias to inform his medical judgments.

His past writings indicate that he believes homosexuality is a "lifestyle" choice that should be "cured," (his church believes in reparative therapy) and he has compared reproductive organs to plumbing parts as proof that homosexuality leads to desease.

And he's the man America might be depending on for sound medical advice.

That means that along with hearing the usual warnings against smoking and drinking, America might be subjected to GLBT warning slogans like "homosexuality is unnatural and unhealthy!" and "It has been determined by the Surgeon General that being gay is hazardous to your health."
This man could set our country back into the dark ages. He is dangerous.

Please contact to your Senators. Ask them to vote NO to this nomination.
Clinton and Obama have already voiced opposition.

The Senate needs to hear from as many of us as possible - so that they have no choice but to listen. You can email/write/call your Senators or take action here today. It's easy. Please.

How could anyone think this man should be the top doctor of our nation. Does our president's ignorance have no limit.

Maybe we should send Kermit to teach Mr. Bush a thing or two. It's not a real Sesame Street song but it could be. Makes me feel better.

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Monica Roberts said...

We've known that in Texas since 1994