Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Love These People

Monica and I belong to University Church which is located on the University of Chicago campus in Chicago. A couple years ago we went shopping for a church because we felt we needed to receive and give to a church community. We are not churchy, religious types but we are believers and spiritual people. So, we visited several churches. University church flies the GLBT rainbow flag, but many Hyde Park churches do. However, I felt I was Home at University as soon as I saw the huge AIDS ribbon in the sanctuary, and the pleasant surprise that the director of music was my high school music teacher and that his wife was in the choir.

Monica loved the calm the services brought her after a week with school kids and we both liked the two ministers, the people and the United Church of Christ's (UCC) philosophy of being anti-racist, open and affirming and belief that God Is Still Speaking. Our friends James and Marilyn recently joined and our friends Gene and Gordon have also joined.
I just love all of these people. Good people, genuinely open and supportive people.

I Like these pictures of our dance choir.

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