Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I believe in Rainbows

Monica and I went way down state almost to Kentucky, to visit two dear friends for a few days. It is about a five hour drive if you don't stop for a snack or the bathroom or to stretch. Going straight through is faster but I like rest stops. I like to see the people who are traveling on the same road. I like to see Americans. I know I see them everyday, but they're all from here, they all have the same flavor so to speak, you know. Airports of course are a good place to see a variety of Americans, but airports to me have become a place of frustration and annoyances. I don't really enjoy airports. I just want to get where I'm going.
Rest stops and highway oasis' are different. I have good childhood memories of those oasis type places when my family would go to Alabama in the summer. But now, you can buy a DVD-VCR combo in an oasis! Weird!

Our friends Russ and Dan cooked for us and pampered us and we were able to unwind and relax after a tough year. We talked a lot and got to know each other and had big fun. They have a fabulously beautiful home with a pool. I am not that much of a swimmer so Dan and I went skimming. I am a great skimmer.

Russ came back with us to Chicago and Monica did all the driving. We ran into a couple of storms that we could see off to the west. It was weird to see the streaks coming from the huge dark cloud that was actually moving taking the rain with it, while all around the cloud was sunny. The cloud with rain, moving along like in a cartoon. When the cloud reached us it was torrential. At one point Russ pointed out that the northbound side of the highway was being drenched while the southbound side was dry. Nature is amazing.

We were chatting about Gay Pride Day in Chicago and wondering if it rained on the festivities. Then, as if on cue, a beautiful rainbow formed off to the east of the highway. Acknowledgement and support from the heavens!
We clapped and cheered and believed it was so.

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