Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Katie Hepburn

Today is Katharine Hepburn's birthday! There was a Hepburn marathon on Turner Classic Movies today.
I saw one of my favorite Hepburn films, Pearl S. Buck's Dragon Seed. The cast included Akim Tamiroff, Walter Houston, J. Carrol Naish, and Turhan Bey.
This beautifully filmed and directed movie took some criticism because Caucasian actors played Asian roles. I think the actors succeeded because they used phrasing and mannerisms rather than attempting Asian accents which would have been corny and obvious.

Dragon Seed is the story of a small Chinese village's response to the invading Japanese army during WW II. Excellent depiction of what war and desperation does to people. Hepburn plays Jade, a young wife who breaks away from the traditional woman's place and takes a stand. Wonderful performances by the cast including Agnes Moorehead and Ailine MacMahon who was nominated for best supporting actress Oscar.

Also Guess Who's Coming To Dinner came on later. The last time I saw this great film was in Chicago's Grant Park festival, and a torrential storm hit us just as they were going in to dinner. We all got soaked down through our skivies, socks, bones..SOAKED! It was wonderful!
Happy Birthday Kate! You were the best.


Maria said...

Her offscreen persona was as great as that onscreen.
Happy Birthday, Kate!

Nice tribute, Jackie

Jackie said...

I'm going to do a bigger tribute soon, more pics. :)