Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It Is Not Over!

World AIDS Day 2010
Every December 1st we focus on issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. We emphasize keeping educated, being safe, getting tested, being compassionate, being supportive and ending HIV/AIDS.
It's a good time to reach out to those you love who live with HIV/AIDS. For me there are many. I love you all.
It's a good time to remember all those who have died. For me there are so, so many who left here with a little piece of my heart. I can never forget you. (Lee, I'm wearing your shirt today guy.)
It's a good day to realize that AIDS is not a one day a year deal. People are struggling to afford the AIDS medications they need right here in the good ole USA. People are still dying of HIV/AIDS in 2010, right here in America. In Africa and other places in the world HIV/AIDS is simply devastating the population.
So, today again it's important to recommit, research, reach out, represent, recognize and remember that-
It is not cured. It is not over.

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