Friday, December 04, 2009

Prayers for Maggie Daley

Chicago's First Lady is battling another assault of cancer. A few years ago, she had a tumor removed from her breast but the cancer had unfortunately spread. It was targeted and continuingly fought successfully. Now Maggie Daley has a lesion on her lower right leg and must again undergo radiation and drug therapy.

The doctors want Mrs. Daley to take the pressure off her leg by using a wheel chair during treatment. Maggie Daley always keeps a extrememly busy schedule and this latest setback is not expected to slow her down a heck of a lot. She is particularly active in procuring afterschool projects for Chicago children.

Please join me in sending out prayers and best wishes for Maggie Daley who has always been a beautiful asset for her husband and the city of Chicago. She has one of those smiles that comes from within and lights up a room. Her doctors are optimistic and so am I. We need that beautiful smile in Chitown.
I found some great pics of Maggie over the years.

Maggie and da mayor

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