Monday, November 30, 2009

Viking Prince?

Well, the Chicago Bears officially suck this season. It's particularly crappy to see my hometown team usually known for big defense, have none. They lost 36-10 to Bret Farve and the MN Vikings. But even creepier than the bears crappy, is Minnesota native Prince at his hometown team's football game looking like he was at a funeral. You'd never know his team was winning. Fox News showed Prince several times throughout the game and he never even seemed to have moved or smiled. It was creepy and sad. Who goes to a football game and sits in a skybox to look like that. He looked so lonely. It was said that Prince was invited by fellow musician "One in a Million You" Larry Graham. No sign of Graham or anyone else talking to or high fiving with the Purple One during the game. I don't know who looked more distressed, Bears coach Lovie Smith or Prince.

"The artist currently known as Prince is still here. And he hasn't changed his expression since we last showed him."

Hey, I even started to cheer for the Vikings by the end of that slaughter. Prince looked just weird and alone. Well, in his defense, he does need both hips replaced so maybe he couldn't jump up to celebrate a Bears fumble. Maybe he was in pain so he couldn't even work up a smile when the Bears let the Vikings walk into the end zone for another TD. Maybe all his friends pooped out and didn't show up. Maybe he hasn't got any friends. That's all the "D" I can muster up for Prince which is more than the Bears have had all year.


Chris said...

Am more of a Viking fan too...they are fun to watch, and all of my midwest relatives are for the Vikes!!!!!
Maybe Prince just doesn't like football....he looked bored out of his mind!

Chris said...

OH....I get not being able to be for your local team....see the Niners lately?........LOL

Jackie said...

Niners, I guess you do feel my pain. And you got the Bear connection with Mike Singletary. Maybe they'll both do better next year?

Monica Roberts said...

Still have love for my Texans, and Bear coach Lovie Smith is from the Lone Star state.