Friday, July 11, 2008

John Hancock, Super Hero

Hancock is not your father's superhero, uh uh, nope. He is a rude, drunken, bummy guy who sleeps on public benches and wakes up with a hangover and saves people. Nope, it's not a disguise. His heroic actions are about as neat as his raggedy appearance. He looks like he smells, bad. His attitude toward the people he serves, sucks.

The story of how Hancock got his powers, his sucky attitude and social position is sketchy as heck. I'm sure all that will reveal its self in a sequel. I can't wait. I loved this movie. It's entertaining and funny and has a big surprise.

Will Smith is excellent as the reluctant Los Angeles homeless crusader. Jason Bateman, who I have been a fan of since he played a teen scam artist in his short lived 1985 sitcom, is the PR guy trying to save the world and then he is saved by Hancock.
Charlize Theron, who I hardly recognized because she looked like herself, is good at keeping us guessing about how she feels about Hancock's intrusion in her life after he saves her husband (Bateman). Is it pity, disgust, attraction, fear, or what?

Critics be damned, I really enjoyed this movie. Maybe because it put a different, funny, irreverent yet human spin on the superhero thing. There has got to be a prequel/sequel in the works. Actually, I'm more interested in the prequel. Can't say much more without being a spoiler.
So, unless your superheros must be well mannered and live in huge mansions or ice fortresses, just get some popcorn and enjoy.


Darius T. Williams said...

Um...yea, so I've heard sooo many mixed comments about this movie. I think I'm going to wait until it's out on DVD.

Jackie said...

Chicken! lol You won't get the true effect of Hancock's superheroism as much on the small screen. But I'll tell ya the popcorn never tasted better than with this flick. It's just fun.

Kelli Busey said...

You sold me at "Maybe because it put a different, funny, irreverent yet human spin on the superhero thing." Will Smith is a outstanding man. I would pay money to watch him do just about anything as long as the pop corn is good.

Jackie said...

Hey kelli. Yep, Smith is good. It's a fun flick.

jjbrock said...

I co-sign with Darius on this one I will wait.