Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rush for the Ladies

Yesterday, while flipping around my car radio for primary result reactions, I couldn't believe my ears as I cruised pass Rush Limbaugh's show. Yes, I know he is what he is. But I still couldn't believe his blatant ignorance and racism. It's even harder to know that some folks listen to this stuff regularly and even fall for his crapola. I'm just venting.
Limbaugh has this thing called Operation Chaos. The aim is to manipulate voters and the entire primary process and create as much chaos with the Democrats as possible. We know he outright encouraged GOP folk to vote for Hillary, but now he is targeting women, particularly Democratic women and feminists with his feigned concern and insincere rants about how Hillary is being wronged by men. Of course he throws in some racism to remind them that the chief culprit is a Black man.

"There is an unspoken of constituency today -- and I saw pictures last night at the victory speech Hillary gave before Indiana was final. I saw pictures of women who looked devastated. They were saddened, and believe me -- we have chronicled this on this program -- women, feminists, old-line feminists who got behind Hillary from the get-go, they feel betrayed. They don't understand why liberal men have forsaken Hillary for a rookie, untested (black) guy. And I would like to address you loyal Democrat women for just a second, as the commander-in-chief of US Operation Chaos and as me: general all-round good guy and harmless, lovable little fuzzball, Rush Limbaugh; because today many of you loyal Democrat women are stunned. You watch the male-dominated Drive-By Media gang up on the girl: Senator Clinton."

Note: when Rush says the word black it is whispered.
(I intended a picture of Limbaugh here, but when I googled racist sexist clown, both Rush and Shirley Q. Liquor came up. So I decided no pic.)

Well, he goes on to call Obama a variety of names, talk about how Hillary stood by her man, raised a family, brought home the bacon and cleaned up behind Bill. That's all true, so that ought to get them!

"How is it, ladies, the only man who has stood tall -- the only man in this country who has stood tall for Hillary's right to fight the good fight to the bitter end -- is me? Does this not give you pause?"

Barf! And finaly..

"They're going to tell you that you put people off with your Nurse Ratched attitudes. They're going to say that you do nothing but scare men into losing their testicles and putting them in your testicle lockbox. You know this is true! You know this is what the liberal men are going to secretly further as a notion of you and your candidate, Hillary Clinton."
I know Democrat liberal men like I know every inch of my glorious naked body, and sadly right now, these liberal men -- in the media, in your party -- are planning and scheming on how to screw Hillary Clinton out of her nomination and, by extension, to screw you, which they have been doing since you formed your movement."

I'm sorry if that made you lose your lunch. Shake it off. Yuck.
It's true women have to and Hillary had to watch out for gender bias during this process. That's real.
But, Limbaugh is a user who couldn't care less and doesn't mean a single word he said.
What a crummy waste of the airways and a lousy way to dialogue with your fellow Americans.


Monica Roberts said...

Rush Limbaugh is a waste of DNA

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea, so I'm agreeing w/Monica. He really is a waste of DNA.

New Black Woman said...

I've learned to not listen to anything a drug addict will say. They will say and do anything to get what they want.

Monica Roberts said...

And what Rush wants is an Ooxycontin fix to get through his and the conservative movement's worst case scenario:

A Black man taking the oath of office as president of the United States.