Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Hangs On

Senator Hillary Clinton won PA by 10% so far. It's not enough to make a difference in the mathematical possibility of her getting the nom, but it's a win. So the Democratic race continues in earnest. The "silly season" will crank up to high gear now, I suppose.
After that despicable waste of time called a debate last week, I was totally disgusted and disappointed in Hillary, ABC News, and in Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulis, two journalist I liked and trusted.
Hillary Clinton showed me she has no clue about taking the high road or elevating the conversation and couldn't catch a hint if it was gift wrapped and handed to her, which it was. And believe me Hillary, John McCain will not afford you any such courtesy. (The super delegates noticed all this seeing as how she lost 6 the next morning.) It was a week ago so I won't rehash the Rev. Wright, Weatherman, flag pin, bittergate, sniper fire, silliness. Nor will I blog on about the many stupid " will you promise" questions aimed at getting sound bites for the future. 52 minutes of pure foolishness. If they have another debate, maybe they can get Jerry Springer to moderate. Nuff said.

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Darius T. Williams said...

Yea - she is hanging on.