Thursday, July 26, 2007

Time Flies...

When you are blissfully happy. It's our anniversary today! 28 years! WooHoo!!!
Time for reflection. Hmmmm
Our song: Forever Mine - O'Jays
Our new favorite Song: We Will Dance - Nan Mason
Monica likes my - Pepper Steak
I like her - Spaghetti with meat sauce
Favorite Dance (traditional) - Steppin' and Electric Slide
Favorite Dance (modern) - Aunt Jackie and Walkin' it out
Favorite movie memory - In our first studio apartment on a freezing Chicago day, we closed the French doors to the bedroom area to keep warm and hunkered down near the kitchen, baked some cookies and watched Bette Davis in Jezebel.
Favorite Tradition - Jumping on the bed like little kids when we first go to any hotel room.
Favorite trip - Hawaii. First off, it was a free 7 days on Oahu, I won by writing a poem for a radio station. We had a blast from body surfing to hitting all the sleeziest night spots.
Favorite club - Gentry on Halsted. It is no more. Gone. We have many good memories and met many people both wonderful and strange. Thanks Nan Mason, Alex Billings, Honey West, Ginger Tam, the amazing Russ Long and Joey with his slushy machine.
Favorite daily ritual- We have a dry erase board in the kitchen. We alternate writing the "question of the day". The question can be about anything we want, from politics to, Monica, why are there 3 bottles of relish open in the fridge? Also we have wonderful breakfast chats.
Favorite physical feature - I love the cleft in her chin. A doctor actually asked Moni if she had it "put" in. Her mother was upset about that and strongly offered to go talk to the doctor.
Monica likes my - Eyes.
Our alter Egos
Me - Snoopy aka Superjackie
Monica - Woodstock aka hair standing up all over her head.


Monica said...

These are wonderful memories, Sweetheart.
It's been an amazing 28 years. You will be forever mine and we will dance for another 28! I love you.


Monica Roberts said...

Congratulations to both of you ;)

May you have many more years of joy and happiness!

Jackie said...

Two gorgeous Monicas in my life.
I am so blessed!

Alex said...

CONGRATS Girls!!!!

Now I'll never be able to look at Peanuts without thinking about the two of you.

Oh, and on more thing....NAN learned a new SONG?????

Jackie said...

Thanks sweetie.
No you didn't say that about Mommie Diva.