Thursday, May 17, 2007

Post Prison Paris?

There has been much speculation about Paris Hilton's upcoming jail time. What will happen to this rich and famous young woman in a locked down facility full of people she has nothing in common with. She would never spend 24/7 with women from public schools, or who have been abused, and who are worst of all, poor. I have heard the snide remarks that not having a proper beauty salon may cause her trauma. That she may have anxiety attacks for lack of shopping and clubbing. And that she may never be the same if she is made to actually do some work. Also people say her stint in the pokey will only increase her above the law, do nothing little snob attitude and she'll be more famous than ever.

But while talking to my wonderful and wickedly funny friend James on the phone, we mentioned that our minister Don got a longer sentence for civil disobedience than Paris got for being a law breaking winey little snot. We pondered whether people may be selling her short. There are other possible outcomes for Post Prison Paris other than binge shopping.

Paris may come in contact with real women who have real problems (not that hers aren't real) but you all know what I mean, and actually learn that the world is totally different than she thought. A rude awakening. Very Rude.
This could cause her to become angry and she might organize the Paris Panthers and start a school lunch program.
Paris could do what many inmates do and become a Muslim, imagine Paris X.
Or, she could become a Patty Hearst type revolutionary and rob a bank.
With a new found social conscience she could become a civil rights activist and insist her family provide luxury housing for the poor... Hotel Hilton for the Homeless.
Perhaps she'll become an evangelist...Socialites for Jesus. I could see that.
Maybe her experience will lead her to be a prison reformer. She could do a new reality show, Extreme Prison Makeovers. Imagine the possibilities there.
So don't count this girl out. With the education awaiting her in prison, the possibilities are endless.


Dustin said...

I have a feeling that she will behave the same when she gets out. Hopefully, a little wiser in making decisions though.

Jackie said...

Well, today after posting this, it was revealed that Paris could, with good behavior, serve only 23 days. She will also be kept separate from the regular prison population in a high profile inmate section. I guess that's best for her safety. So there may or may not be a new improved Paris after this experience. One can only hope.

Monica Roberts said...

We knew there was no way she could be put in general population.

She would have been somebody's girlfriend five seconds after her cell door closed

Monica Roberts said...

There's been more drama surrounding this episode of 'Paris Goes To Jail' than most of the soap on TV these days.