Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Check These Out!

I've been so busy and exhausted lately that I've been doing more linking than posting. This week Dustin's got the goods.
Ben and Jerry's FREE ice cream cone day April 17th. Dustin's got the details.
A Bathtub couch? This is so cool.

Jokes. Dustin's got some. Go. Laugh.

April is National Poetry Month. If you like poetry, literature, literary analysis, in depth critiques of TV, movies, theater, personalities, and life - you've got to read Sheila O'Malley. She's a brilliant, opinionated, funny writer/actress who admits she types 10,000 words a minute.
Check out her reaction to losing her favorite pencil. I can feel that!
Today it's Emily Bronte. Yayyyy!!!
Go. Immerse yourselves.

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