Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's a RAP

Monica Roberts' blog is a goldmind. It is a big mine with a very deep vein and OMG! you have to read fast because she writes and presents so many nuggets. Check out this one on the end of rap music.
She gives a excellent history of RAP that is in her enjoyable flowing style and it brought back a lot of memories for me. I mean, I still have a 12 inch single by the Sugar Hill Gang.
And then read her analysis of what happened to rap and how it sold it's soul.
It was thought that rap was going to be a short lived trend with a limited audience. Now being accepted and sought after in the mainstream may be it's undoing. Rap was about keeping it real and having fun. Perhaps it will find it's way back home.


Monica Roberts said...

I said a hip, a hop, a hippety hop...Well, you know the rest of 'Rapper's Delight'

It's just sad how far rap has devolved from those early days.

Thanks once again for the shout-out, Jackie

Anonymous said...

Gold mine is right. I'm reading as fast as i can. This got me and my husband talking about the old rap days. i actually liked it then. he still buys some now but i agree it has gone mostly the way of money not art. Grand Master Flash was just inducted in the Rock Hall of Fame.
How are you girls doing?


Monica Roberts said...

Fine Kim!
What inspired the post on my blog was hearing a story quoting the huge decline in rap music sales and various conversations I'd had with people decrying the negative direction of rap.

Monica Roberts said...

Seems like we're not the only ones concerned about the negative direction of hip-hop.

Check out this April 9, 2007 Jet magazine cover

Monica Roberts said... the link then click on April 9, 2007 to see the Jet cover.