Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cute Little White Guy


He's got some new tunes out that are already getting radio play across the country. And even though his EP is titled Patience, you don't need any because you can check them out right here.
Josh is my friend Glenn's son. Glenn is the musical director of University Church and a fantastic man and musician himself. Yep, the apple doesn't fall far.. you know. It's true.

Uh Huh, Josh is cute and he's talented and smart and nice and... he's all that and more! Lots more!

Joshua Klipp is an attorney. He attended Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco on a full merit scholarship and graduated in the top ten percent of his class.

A dancer- he teaches hip-hop dance and directs Freeplay, a hip-hop dance
company that performs all over the San Francisco Bay area benefitting other local organiztions.

A community organizer, Josh sits on the Board of Directors of Youth Speaks,
the nation's premier youth poetry and spoken word organization.

Photographer- Josh provides quality promo work for Bay area artists and

Role model-as a Transgendered male, Joshua is breaking ground and blazing trails in the music business. Even with a loving, supportive family, growing up Trans must be tumulturous and actually going through transition has to be physically and emotionally wonderful and scary. It is important to have visible role models, especially in this community where visibilty in the mainstream is almost non-existent. Role models who as "Little Richard" would say, have been where you're going, are going through what you're going through, are making it or have made it and can put it out there where you can see it. Woooooo!
Joshua Klipp is certainly a source of pride and encouragement to his community.

Josh's dance track Little Girl is special. It is a song he wrote to honor not only his personal journey but "the struggle, survival and hope of trans people". Little Girl features, and this is the first time anything like this has ever been done, Josh's pre and post transition voices. That along with the song itself, is just too cool.
Little girl. Close your eyes and dream of a new world.

December Snow, well first of all Mr. Klipp, people in Chicago do not like to be reminded of snow any sooner than neccesary, even if it is a beautiful romantic slow jam. You are indeed a one man boy band.

Time We Don't Have To Waste, love the harmony and the up beat. Monica and I had a great time stepping to this one.

Temporary Insanity is the bonus cut not on the EP but you can get a download. This hip-hop cut shows that Joshua covers everything. This one features San Francisco Trans rap artist Katastrophe. Yeah baby!

I was impressed by Josh's musical influences which range from Ella Fitzgerald to D'Angelo. I definately hear some Brian McKnight vibes going on. Josh credits his dad for his varied exposure to different artists and genres. I certainly credit his dad for his cute little white guyness too. Good luck Josh! Go get 'em!

Read more about Joshua Klipp and buy his EP here, yall. Go! Now! Get it!


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