Friday, August 11, 2006

Phone Trees Are Good

Phone trees are like a relay message system. I like the idea of phone trees. It is especially good when you have a large network of family, friends and/or co-workers etc. involved. Phone trees can be very organized with each person assigned to call specific persons or very casual, like.. "hey, call me when you get there and I'll call Timmie and Lassie and then Lassie can take a note to grandpa up on the mountain...". Good girl.
Beware though, an organized phone tree is only as good as it's branches. One broken branch and the whole thing could end up with "nobody called me, I didn't know", or "how's Craig?.. his funeral was Tuesday, OMG!"
Oh I really hate that!

When my mom was in the hospital very sick at one point, the hospital actually suggested we organize a tree chain thingy because so many folks were calling to inquire about her the lines were jammed. She thought that was cool. omg.

But, whether pre-set or casually put together even on the spot, these trees are cool in emergencies or when people are upset, preoccupied, not thinking clearly, need help or just need to keep people informed.

So, I was just thinking with the anniversary of Katrina coming up and our current High Alert status, we tend to feel a bit not in control. I think it helps if we can feel secure that our personal connections are in tact. And we never know who can provide what when we need it. I mean a hug, a burger, a ride, a shoulder, a congratulations, a doctor, a lawyer, a cool head, just being there, a prayer, a laugh, an I love you. It's a good thing and it's reciprocal. We need that.


Dustin said...

Phone trees are so essential in times of emergency. I keep saying that we should have a an emergency kit in case of an earthquake and a set place where we will meet if we get separated.

You have encouraged me to bring these things to the top of my "To Do" list, again.

Jackie said...

Yep, we need to do it.